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8 Tips to Encourage Kids for Self Study

1.Help them to learn  how to plan well-Planning is an important part of each and every task. If we plan well execution shall be perfect.A perfect execution shall bring more confidence in a child and they shall be encouraged to follow same routine again and again. This shall boost their interest in self study.

2.Avoid distractions – Distraction kills the primary interest. In present scenario cell phone , computer and TV are playing a major role in child’s distraction. During self study always try to keep all the devices away from children. Define a specific time to access these devices.

3.Do not load too much – Self study is always a good one but do not overburden your child always with study, this shall lead to loose their interest.Give them good time to play outside in play ground . Teach them to do meditation and yoga.

4. Reward & Recognition (R&R)- A child eventually become same what we speak about them. Always encourage them not fail and always give them a appropriate reward whenever they succeed or even try to succeed. This shall help them to be in habit of accomplishment & winning.

5.Do not compare- Knowingly or unknowingly parents compare their children with other children for good/bad habits. Please keep i mind every child is unique and each has their own way of learning. Please respect that way and help them to improve with that only.

6. Join Doubt Solving Classes-  Self study raises lot of doubts and to address the doubts students need special guidance . This can be given by parents or student can join special doubt classes online/offline.

7. Regularly talk to teachers – Feedback is a great process and this helps a lot in improvement of child. Teachers are the best source to take the feedback about your child study behaviour and take improvement actions accordingly.

8. Trust your parenting – A good parenting is a key for development of child in all dimensions. A parent shall never harm or discourage his/her child . So try to adopt best practices of parenting and always trust your love & parenting.

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